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where it all begins


Bellinger Farms


29094 Bridge Rd, Hermiston, Oregon 97838

7:30am to 5:30pm

Bellinger Farms has been growing our renowned Hermiston Watermelons since 1941. The warm desert climate in the Hermiston area is an ideal and unique climate for growing melons and a variety of other produce. Our warm dry days coupled with cool summer nights create the special conditions that elevate the sugar content in the fruit and result in our world-famous sweet watermelons...and the reputation of our Hermiston Watermelons continues to grow.


Jack Bellinger and his wife Donna took over the family operation in 1999. Since then they have added cantaloupe, tomatoes, winter squash, pumpkins and other crops to augment their watermelon production. Today Bellinger Farms operates 750 acres of land with 300 acres in watermelon and other vegetable crops. In addition to traditional farming, Jack and Donna purchased the locally renowned Tom Ables Fruit Stand in 2000 and transformed the original open-air seasonal produce stand into a quaint year-round country store that offers local produce, gourmet foods and our unique Northwest wines.  In 2013 The Gathering Place at Bellinger's restaurant was added on to the store boasting a unique bagel sandwich lunch menu and vibrant atmosphere great for hosting events. The Gathering Place has become a busy and cherished mainstay in Hermiston.

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